Social Media, Solo


Lately, I’ve lived solo. I felt like I was too smart and blunt to form any lasting friendships. I scoffed at my extroverted peers who constantly posted mundane pictures with their friends in public places. I thought to myself, they follow this cycle because of the need to prove to everyone on their social media, that they don’t live solo.

I don’t feel this need, but that’s because I grew used to being solo.

I wasn’t too smart or blunt for friendships, I was just too narcissistic and introverted.

I wished I had friends to constantly take unplanned pictures. Just because it’s not a special occasion, doesn’t make it any less memorable.

I don’t scoff at my extroverted peers, I envy them, like a man with a micropenis staring at a black dick.

I wish I could constantly post mundane pictures of my big dick.

I wish I could constantly post mundane pictures with my friends in public places, but I don’t go outside.

I’ve built such a huge wall over my insecurities, they’ve turned into brags.

I was stupid and annoying. I am stupid and annoying. The only thing that has changed, is my consciousness of these traits.

Today, when I see my peers post pictures with their friends drinking out of keg stand in the middle of an elementary school park at 2 am, I don’t scoff, I smirk. I hope to one day bask in the happiness of spontaneous adventures played out on my social media feed every night. Instead of laying in bed, taking my first edible cookie, waiting for inspiration to come scrolling through Twitter, solo.


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