Pragmatism or Idealism

Rise and shine

Pull me out of this dream

Surrounded by too many sheep

Just to let me fall back asleep

Pull me out of this dream

Nah, just let me be

Never have I felt so empty

A technique, I’ve mastered since the first time I had a wet dream.

Lamenting, every day, yet she’s the one whose body needs some resting.

Why god, did you give me a dick instead of a pussy and a nice rear,

Because the only thing my magic wand is good for is making girls disappear.

It ain’t because it’s too small, my ego too delicate like a feather

My brain’s too small, plus I hit it and quit it like floyd mayweather.

It’s no wonder I get black balled, I wonder if I’ll ever get my act together.

When I was sick, I made a promise to never let my dick get in the way of my shit again

Yet here I am, swiping my way through life, and pussy is my only friend.


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