The Importance of Peaceful Protest

As opposition to the current administration continues to grow, protests around the country have grown more frequent, or at least more frequently covered by social media. Consequently, this new found exposure allows people to see the ugliest moments of these otherwise peaceful protests. This allows opponents of the movement to vilify the protest as a whole, leaving the protest to become remembered as a failure in the eyes of partisan news outlets. It is such a shame that it only takes one link to render a chain useless.

When participating in a protest, remember that you represent the movement. Should you do something regretful, your action reflects on those who did not. Have respect for your cause, if you bring material for your protest, make sure it is appropriate and sensitive to the issue at hand. Bringing unnecessary attention to yourself could be seen as a mockery of the event if executed improperly.

Public speaking is important, especially when speaking to a crowd with the entirety of social media ready to dissect and analyze every statement you make. Planned speeches leave a huge impact. One of the advantages of having social media at your dispense, is that even your fiercest opponents could watch your speech and be swayed by your passion.

When approaching an issue, it is important to look at them in a non partisan view, political beliefs should not be inherent. Just as all long term issues, we often feel compelled to remain consistent. If we were to remain forever consistent with our views, there will eventually be no room for progression. Protests should come with it strict adherence to the movement, this creates a community, then form assemblies. The protesters go from solely wanting to benefit from the movement, to benefiting the movement as a main priority.

Another form of civil disobedience is boycotting. Cesar Chavez has proved that boycotting is an effective form of protest with his strikes for better working conditions.

With assemblies, more work and planning could go into future demonstrations. Common understandings develop within the group, leading to a less tense attitude toward protesting. Tensions would ease since you would be working with those you are at the very least familiar with. Remaining as calm and civil as possible in the face of your opponent will agonize them more than any physical injuries. The benefits of peacefully assembling will make itself known when your opponents have less ammunition to strike down your cause with. If it wasn’t for protests and rebellion, we would all be in chains. Every successful movement, breaks a link.


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