Something Sinister To It..

Up and down, it’s the fat lurker running across lawns to find where the pussy at

Try to calm down. You’d think I’m a cat burglar the way I’m looking to get my cap peeled back.

Just hear me out, I’m a nice guy, and hard worker! Just spending my free time looking to lick some cat! Stop lookin’ at me like I’m a vulture!

It’s the culture that’s fucked! Not me!

Everyone thinks about pussy! Even in their sleep!

Plus it’s the weekend, and shawdy over there lookin’ to get fucked.

Yeah she’s drinking with her friends, but I can give her something that’ll make her go crazy, with extra nuts.

You know what they say, if you ask every girl, one will eventually say yes! So take your guesses!

I’ve been on twelve dates! “Really? That’s impressive!”

Unfortunately, some people are quick to jump to conclusions and end up landing in confusion.

Haters can hop off my dick and do a backflip into some dog piss, that’ll get me sprung.

I’m sorry that was harsh mame, do you want a kiss, with some tongueand extra nuts?

Don’t hate me for grabbing more pussy than the commander and chief,

Love me because I do it consensually.

Anyways, it’s all good! (Easton Adams is a character).


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